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Wood County Sheriff Department Citizens Academy



We are proud to announce the latest graduating class of the Wood County Sheriff's Department Citizens Academy. CONGRATULATIONS!




The graduating class of the 2009 Wood County Sheriff's Department Citizens Academy along with Sheriff Tom Reichert (backrow 2nd from right) and Sergeant Investigator Jay Shroda (backrow 1st from right)


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A certified Firearms Instructor demonstrates grip techniques.



A citizen takes aim at a target under the watchful eye of a certified Firearms Instructor.



A citizen receiving evasive driving tips from an instructor.




Citizens learning proper pepper spray techniques from an instructor.



What is a Citizens Academy?


The Wood County Sheriff Department Citizen's Academy is an opportunity for a group of individuals to get an up close look at the functions of the Sheriffs Department. The course is divided into (8)  3-hour sessions that explore various aspect specific to our department and law enforcement.


Why does Wood County Sheriff Department feel this is so important?


We feel this program is so important because it introduces citizens to the reality of our job and role in our community. Somtimes people have unrealistic views about law enforcement because of Hollywood stereotypes and media issues. 


Many of the segments we presented spawned interesting discussions or questions about contemporary law enforcement issues (i.e. use of questions about law, use of force issues, police pursuits, Taser usage). Answering these questions and promoting understanding is the ultimate goal of this Academy! In short we want to give our citizens the chance to learn about our agency and the services we provide!


Who is welcome to apply?


The Sheriffs Department encourages law-abiding citizens who have a desire to learn about our agency to apply! We ask that applicants be at least 21 years old.


How are participants selected?


Wood County launched this pilot program in 2006. The public interest was outstanding. Originally it had been drafted to be a program hosted once annually. It is our goal to give participants the most hands-on experience. Many of the lesson blocks are hands-on. For participants to get the most from the program, we must limit the class size. Applicants will be given consideration based on: Date of Application and a background check.


What type of Topics will be covered?


The topics covered in the pilot program were as follows:


Introduction to Law Enforcement and the Wood County Sheriff Department


            Defense and Arrest Tactics


            Firearms and Emergency Vehicle Operation


            Tour of the Wood County Jail, Dispatch Center and Courthouse


Criminal Investigations (sensitive crimes, drug investigation, computer crimes investigations)


            The Wood County Special Response Team (SWAT)


            Wood County Rescue



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