Wood County Sheriff's Department Jail Division

Inmate Transport Vehicle


The Wood County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Transport Division is responsible for transportation to over one hundred different locations throughout Wisconsin. The transport team is made up of a Transport Officer, 2 Transport Corrections Officers, and 6 part time Transport Drivers who transport inmates 5-6 days a week. Together they transport over 1000 inmates yearly to various jail and prison institutions and log hundreds of thousands of miles. The division has three transport vans, one including the Ford Econoline Diesel shown below that can carry up to 11 inmates at a time with men and women segregated in separate compartments. These transport services are provided to our local District Courts, Circuit Court and Probate Court.

The Inmate Transportation Division is also responsible for transporting inmates that are housed at the Wood County Jail who require medical services of a doctor, a dentist, or overnight local hospital stays. We also transport all committals of involuntary emergency admissions. Most times these services are performed under very difficult weather conditions.

In addition, juvenile transportation and security is another responsibility and is an area of great concern that mandates special consideration and proper handling pursuant to our juvenile laws. The Inmate Transportation Division carries a great deal of responsibility in all the above respects.



                      Side View                   Inside View (note camera to view inmates)      Side view showing compartment        Side view with compartment closed




     Rear View (step ladder down)                Rear View (step ladder up)                  Rear view (Inmate cargo hatch open)        Inmate cargo compartment    


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