K-9 Unit

K-9 Unit

Wood County Sheriff's Department K-9 Unit

Thanks to the citizens of Wood County, the Sheriff's Department has two K-9's. Deputies Brandon Christianson and James Pidgeon are certified K-9 police dog handlers and have both attended highly specialized K-9 police dog training.  The training focuses on harnessing the dog's greatest attributes for police work: the ability to track and detect suspects and intimidate them psychologically.

There is a K-9 unit available on most shifts. The K-9’s are trained in narcotic detection, patrol apprehension, and tracking and are what is termed "full service" dogs. The K-9’s consist of German Shepherds named Toro and Ace. Demand for K-9 presentations to various groups and schools remains high. People of all ages enjoy the opportunity to see the K-9's and hear of their exploits. The K-9s seem to enjoy all the attention lavished upon them at these presentations. The K-9’s drug work is the highlights of their deployments as the K-9 team works hard for the Central Wisconsin Drug Task Force.  Methamphetamine and heroin seem to be in high demand in the area and it shows up in the frequency that we are called to look specifically for it. The K-9's are highly regarded for their tracking ability and are called upon to look for lost people, drunk drivers fleeing the scene, and burglars.  The K-9s' ability to locate small items thrown away during crimes are always put to the test, successfully.

The K-9 unit has a memorial plaque on display at the Sheriff’s Department to our past K-9’s, Rico, Friday, Kilo and Rex.  We will always miss them for the service and commitment they provided the citizens of Wood County.


                Deputy Brandon Christianson and "Ace"                 Deputy James Pidgeon and "Toro"                                                      

The Wood County Sheriff's Department sincerely thanks the following for their valuable
 contributions that helped fund a kennel for K9 Rex:

Woodland Veterinary Clinic

Cook Family Chiropractic

Eighth Street Auto

TJ's Auto and Collison Center

Valley Communities Credit Union

Wood County Sheriff's Department Retired Investigator Sergeant Mark Neuman

We are truly grateful for all of their help and contributions to make this K-9 unit the success that it is!

04-11-13 Sheriff Thomas Reichert and Dave Moser
Sheriff Thomas Reichert presenting Dave Moser with a plaque for his contribution to the Wood County Sheriff's Department K9 Unit on 04-11-13.

Thomas Reichert also thanks the Wilderness Sportman's Club for their contribution to the Wood County Sheriff's Department K9 Unit.  Their contribution helps the Sheriff's Department purchase GPS Tracking collars.  We greatly appreciate their help!


Deputy Andy Simon with K-9 Rex.

Deputy Andy Simon with K-9 Rex with girl scouts at a recent K-9 demonstration in Grand Rapids.

  Deputy Pidgeon at: jpidgeon@co.wood.wi.us

Deputy Christianson at: bchristianson@co.wood.wi.us


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