Wood County Sheriff's Department Reserve Unit

The Wood County Sheriff’s Department is offering opportunities to qualified candidates to become a Reserve Deputy. Successful candidates will receive training to become a sworn deputy with law enforcement authority. They will also receive Field Training Officer training on a regular basis.

Reserve Deputies are utilized primarily during summer months to work patrol in the Wood County Parks and enforce the Wood County Ordinances.  Reserves are also contracted to work numerous special events throughout the year, such as dances and community functions.

This is a uniformed position. Reserve Deputies are expected to represent the agency in a positive way, the same as any full time officer. This is an excellent opportunity for someone to obtain valuable experience as a sworn officer, especially for someone who is interested in Law Enforcement as a career.











To engage in limited law enforcement functions by handling any assignment with the safety of the public and other officers of the Wood County Sheriff’s Department in mind while performing those duties. The law enforcement powers of the Reserve Deputy Sheriff exist only when on duty, and are not authorized to perform any of these functions unless specifically outlined in training or assigned.


Patrol Lieutenant


No supervisory responsibilities



1. Operate a law enforcement vehicle while on patrol. React quickly and be able to drive with expertise in situations involving speeds in excess of posted limits, in congested traffic, and in unsafe road conditions (caused by factors such as fog, smoke, rain, ice, snow, etc.).

2. Respond to calls for service given by Dispatch or through Shift Commander, in a professional and courteous manner. While on patrol, situations will be witnessed first-hand. Maintain that demeanor while confronted with stressful situations and possibility of being faced with verbal opposition and threats. Provide an adequate resolution to every request. Specific duties shall include, but not limited to:

Traffic accidents. Complete accident investigation and reports as timely as possible.

Reports of theft, forgery, and burglary. Make initial investigation and complete reports timely.

Complete follow-ups when time permits and when necessitated by circumstances.

Fires, as requested, and investigate for the possibility of arson

Maintain order in the Wood County Parks, as well as other contracted functions.



Three to four years of high school, and two years of additional schooling, or 60 college credits is required. Must be 18 years of age, or older, United States citizen and resident of the State of Wisconsin for one year, be of good reputation, no felony convictions, good health, pass physical agility test, pass swimming test, and pass pre-appointment investigation and pre-employment drug screening. A valid Wisconsin Drivers License is required. Basic everyday living skills are required, as well as the ability to follow oral and written directions and to make quick decisions and process information based upon limited information. Must be able to assume responsibility, have management skills, and function calmly in emergency situations. Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and coherently over law enforcement radio channels while initiating and responding to radio communications. Read and comprehend what has been read, write legibly, add, and subtract are necessary for preparing reports, citations, statutes, maps (figure the shortest distances route between two points), are needed. While on the job, must achieve certification as a law enforcement officer. [Training qualification requirements may be altered, as long as a specific plan exists to comply with the requirements set forth by the Wisconsin Training and Standards Bureau.]


Seventy-five percent (75%) of the time is spent talking, hearing, using far and near vision (recognize suspects, vehicles and things with altered appearances), low (writing), medium, and high fingering, and low (pick up equipment), medium (video camera, radar, camera) and high (drive law enforcement vehicle) handling. About fifty percent (50%) of the time is spent sitting (driving law enforcement vehicle). Twenty-five percent (25%) of the time is spent standing, walking, feeling, and low lifting and carrying (objects weighing less than 10 pounds or less). Ten percent (10%) of the time is spent climbing, using legs and feet (steps, stairs or walking up or down hills and/or uneven terrain), reaching, medium lifting and carrying (objects weighing 20 to 40 pounds), and low pushing/pulling. In unusual situations, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, running, swimming, grappling, climbing (long ladders, poles, trees, walls, scaffolding, etc.), balancing (while in a unstable position), bending/twisting, high (objects weighing 50-80 pounds) and very high (objects weighing 100 pounds or more) lifting and carrying, and medium, high, and very high pushing/pulling may be required. There may be a threat of physical attack or injury from general public while performing job duties.


Note: In many areas of this job description pertaining to "arrests," the word "may" is used in lieu of the word "shall." This is done to allow the use of officer discretion in these areas. Participation by making arrests in each of these areas is expected, however, not demanded in every case. This agency feels that the use of officer discretion is extremely important in conducting their daily activities.


For information about the all the Parks in Wood County, including making reservations and park rules, click on the Wood County Parks Icon. 

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