Failure to comply with the following conditions may result in removal from the program and your return to jail.  Rule violations may also result in a loss of Huber Law privileges and/or other criminal charges.  See Discipline Process for Rule Violation(s).


1.                  I agree to reside at the approved residence at all times as authorized by the monitoring staff of the Wood County Jail.


2.                  I acknowledge that my telephone line does not have any custom calling features such as call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, third party capabilities, etc.  I understand I must have a desk type telephone for this program.  I may not use a portable or cellular telephone for this program.  I am not allowed to have an answering machine or voice mail connected to my telephone line.  I also agree to keep my telephone in good working order and my telephone and electric bill paid.  If my telephone or electricity is disconnected or fails to work for any reason, I will return to the Wood County Jail.


3.                  I understand that Wood County does not have any responsibility to provide food, clothing, dental or other medical care during my participation in this program.  I also understand that I must pay all telephone and electricity expenses that may be caused by participation in the Electronic Monitoring Program.


4.                  I agree to submit my person, property, place of residence, vehicle and/or other belongings to search and seizure at any time, with or without search warrants, to any Law Enforcement Officer or Wood County Jail staff.


5.                  I agree to allow the Wood County Jail staff or any Law Enforcement Officer to enter my residence at any time to ensure that I am complying with the rules of the program and inspect the program equipment.


6.                  I understand that I am responsible for all of the applicable rules as established for the Wood County Jail as well as specific rules for the Electronic Monitoring Program.  I will follow all established home, work, etc. rules.  Deviation from my schedule and/or approved travel routes is a violation.


7.                  I will not enter areas that are defined to be off limit (i.e. liquor stores, taverns, etc.).


8.                  I understand that I must receive permission from the monitoring staff before moving to a new address.  I also must get staff permission prior to another person moving into my residence.


9.                  I agree to remain in my residence at all times except for the hours I work, attend counseling, go to Day Report, or any other pre-approved activities.  This means not in my yard or on my porch, but in my house.  I will not leave my home until the specified time and I will return home by the specific times.  When overtime work is required, my supervisor will call and receive authorization for the overtime from the EMP Officer at the Wood County Sheriff’s Department.  EMP phone number 715-421-8768.




1.                  I understand that I must remain at my approved residence at all times unless I have specific authorization to leave.


2.                  I agree to maintain employment and any participation in any schooling or counseling programs as approved by the monitoring staff.  I will notify the jail staff immediately of any changes.


3.                  I understand I am restricted to Home Detention and granted the privilege to leave for up to 48 hours per week for work with 1 day in.


4.                  I understand that I must advise the monitoring staff immediately of any changes in work hours caused by sick time, lay-off, overtime, vacation time, new employment, etc.  Non-emergency schedule changes must be requested to the monitoring staff at least 48 hours in advance.  Schedule changes not received at least 48 hours prior to the event will not be accepted.  I will only be allowed to change my schedule once per week.


5.                  I will include my travel route to and from work on my schedules and I will not deviate from that route.


6.                  I agree to report to the Wood County Jail at such times and in such a manner as directed by the staff.


7.                  I understand that all movement will be traced and stored as an official record.




1.                  I accept responsibility for the care of the program equipment issued to me.  I understand that I will be held financially responsible for any damage to or loss of equipment and may be held civilly and/or criminally liable for replacement costs.


2.                  I will not tamper with the Electronic Monitoring Program equipment in any way, nor will I remove or attempt to remove the bracelet.


3.                  I may only disconnect or move the program equipment upon specific instruction from monitoring staff.


4.                  Do not answer phone until 3rd ring.


5.                  I understand that I must pay all telephone and electricity expenses that may be caused by participation in the Electronic Monitoring Program.


6.                  I understand that my participation in this program will be monitored by two tamper proof, non-removable ankle bracelets which I agree to wear 24 hours a day during the entire period of the Electronic Monitoring Program, which will be installed by personnel of the Wood County Jail.




1                    I agree to pay in advance the weekly fee for participation in the Electronic Monitoring Program.  I will be charged $21.00 or $30.00 per day, which includes sales tax, to offset the cost of the Electronic Monitoring Program.  I will report to the Wood County Jail once a week at scheduled times to make my full payment and submit a work schedule and appointment requests.  My schedule must be for one week in advance.  My fees will be paid in cash or money order.  Personal checks will not be accepted.


2.                  I understand that I must limit all personal telephone calls to fifteen (15) minutes or less.


3.                  I understand that I cannot possess or use (consume, ingest, or take any into my body) any drugs (legal or illegal) or alcohol that has not been prescribed by a physician.  This includes all over-the-counter-non-prescription medication and mouthwashes, which contain alcohol.  I also understand that I will be required to submit to scheduled and random drug and alcohol screenings at my expense.


4.                  Social contacts at the residence are permitted; however, there will be no disruptions in the neighborhood, and no police intervention will be tolerated.


5.                  I am not allowed to go swimming or take a bath.  You can shower. 


6.                  I agree to comply with all verbal and written instructions from the staff of Wood County Jail.


7.                  I agree to comply with all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.  I will report any law enforcement contact to the Electronic Monitoring Program Officer.


8.                  I understand that I may be removed from the Electronic Monitoring Program and serve out the remainder of my sentence in jail at any time.


9.                  I agree to submit to alcohol and drug testing to enter the Electronic Monitoring Program and both test results must be negative.


10.              I agree that at no time while participating in the Electronic Monitoring Program will I have alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs in my residence or the residence I reside in while I am on the Electronic Monitoring Program.


11.              I agree to remove all firearms from my residence or the residence I reside in while I am on the Electronic Monitoring Program.


12.              Inmates will be allowed to work out of the county only if convicted in Wood County court and no transfer is available to the county where the person works.  To be considered for out-of-county work, inmates must have had the job before entering jail.  No new jobs or job searches will be allowed outside the county.  No transfer inmates will be allowed to work out of the county.  Request to work out of the county must be submitted in writing to the jail staff. 


13.              If you have contact with law enforcement you must notify the EMP Coordinator as soon as possible.


14.              I understand a violation of any of these conditions of agreement will cause my removal from the program without notice or avenue of appeal.             





In the event of a fire, medical emergency, natural disaster, power loss the primary concern is the health and well being of the offender.  Therefore it is expected that the emergency will be dealt with first.  Once the emergency has been dealt with, the offender should advise the Wood County EMP officer or jail staff supervisor if the EMP Coordinator is not available. The Offender must report to jail if the equipment does not function properly at approved residence/location.  If the offender is working they will be able to work Huber so their job is not lost.  When another location is approved by the EMP Coordinator the Offender should be allowed to go back out and finish the remainder of the sentence on EMP depending on the situation.




If local law enforcement, radio, television or the Emergency Broadcast System is advising that you take immediate shelter due to an impending severe storm or tornado, the primary concern is your health and well being.  Take shelter.  If this disrupts your monitoring or testing in any way, contact EMP staff as soon as it is safe to do so. 




Inmates will report to the classroom immediately upon arrival at the facility.  If the room is not open, the inmate is required to either remain near the door of the classroom or report to the department office.  Release times will be scheduled in such a manner that the inmate arrives no earlier than 15 minutes before class.


Inmates will be allowed in the following areas of the facility:  designated classroom, cafeteria for lunch and breaks, nearest restrooms, and other instructor-approved locations.


Off-limit areas are all areas not listed above and include the following:  parking lot, other areas of the campus, gym, weight room, and library, unless assigned by an instructor.


Inmates are required to attend all classes.


Inmates will be on time for all classes.


Instructors cannot grant excusals for any reason.  All excusals must be obtained from the jail staff in written form and presented to the instructor (such as doctor appointments).


Attendance cards will be given to all inmates attending classes.  The card will be given to each instructor when you enter the classroom and picked up when the inmate leaves the class.  The instructor shall fill the inmate's time of arrival and departure from the class.  If for some reason the instructor is not available, report to the department office or main office.  Turn in attendance cards weekly.


After the completion of the class, the inmate is required to return home.




Under Wisconsin Act 100 2009, all inmates sentenced to the Wood County Jail for an OWI Offense that has a court ordered Ignition Interlock Device (IID), must provide proof of installation of IID within 2 weeks of court order.  Failure to provide such evidence will result in revocation of Huber and/or Electronic Monitoring (EM) working privileges.  If you are court ordered to have an IID in place and you are found to be in operation of a vehicle without such device this will also be grounds for immediate revocation of Huber or EM.  This will pertain even though you may not be driving a vehicle while serving your jail sentence.