Self-Employed EMP Applicants



If you are self-employed and you are going to be participating in the EMP program you will have to provide the following information in order for your employment to be permitted.  This would also apply to those inmates that are getting out for Child Care and their spouses are self-employed.


  1. Written and signed contracts for each job. 

This should be a formal contract with the party you are doing business with.  It should have the party’s name, address, and phone number.  It should also state what work is to be done along with a start and completion date for that work.


  1. Tax Records of the Business for the previous year.

If the business has started within the year we will not consider this a legitimate business.  Jobs for Cash are not allowed.


  1.  Job site location forms must be completed every night for the next day’s work.

These forms will need to list the date, complete address of the job site, and the time that you will be at the job site.  These forms are used by the Sheriff’s Department to check on EMP Inmates.  If you are not at the job site when you state you will be there, you will be found in violation of the Jail rules and you will not be allowed to go out to work.


  1. EMP Fee’s must be paid in advance.

When you come to jail you will need to pay the $147.00 EMP fee up front. If at anytime your balance drops below $0.00 you will be held in from work.  Part time employment is not allowed.