Wood County Sheriff’s Department

The strategic the Wood County Sheriff’s Department is to upgrade the personal satisfaction in Wood County by working agreeably with the network to uphold the law, safeguard the harmony and accommodate a protected domain.

The Wood County Sheriff’s Department is focused on achieving its crucial treating everybody with cordiality, demonstrable skill and regard. The Wood County Sheriff’s Department will authorize the laws unbiasedly and with the most elevated moral guidelines, battling wrongdoing through prevention, training and network organizations.

Sheriff Shawn Becker

Shawn Becker started in the Sheriff’s Office officially on November 6, 2018. However, you should note that Shawn Becker really started his career with the Wood County back in 1997. Throughout Becker’s career he worked in the following positions:

  • Defense and Arrest Tactics Instructor
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Field Training Officer
  • Traffic Crash Constructionist
  • Vehicle Contacts Instructor

Becker also dabbled in the following positions as well:

  • Assistant Team Leader
  • Entry/Breach Team
  • Special Response Team

Becker finally also carried the following titles:

  • Investigator Sergeant
  • Patrol Captain
  • Patrol Lieutenant
  • Patrol Sergeant

Chief Deputy Randal Dorshorst

Boss Deputy Randal Dorshorst started his law implementation profession in Wood County in 1988 when delegated to a Reserve Deputy position.

Boss Deputy Dorshorst held many positions while serving Wood County including:

  • Boat Safety Instructor
  • Field Training Officer
  • Firearms Instructor and Armorer
  • Fleet Administrator
  • Investigator-Sergeant
  • Investigative Lieutenant
  • Patrol Deputy
  • Patrol Sergeant
  • Reserve Deputy

Dorshorst was elevated to Chief Deputy in December 2010. Dorshorst has been a long-lasting inhabitant of Wood County and went to college to major in Police Science.

Wood County Jail

The Wood County Jail is a medium-security detainment focus situated in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. This region prison is worked locally by the Wood County Sheriff’s Office.

Not all detainees in Wood County Jail have been condemned. Numerous detainees in Wood County Jail are sitting tight for their preliminary or condemning. The normal remain in this office is under two years.

Detainees are offered various projects while spending time in jail at the Wood County Jail, including instructive projects and directing projects. AA and Narcotics Anonymous are among the projects advertised. Strict administrations and Bible investigations are likewise accessible.

Individuals that have been condemned to the Wood County Jail and have received guidelines from the courthouse to get in contact with the office to set up a date to report. You will be required to call (715) 421-8730. You need to audit and round out the Huber as well as Electronic Monitoring also referred to as GPS. Read over your set-up parcel and carry it with you to your arrangement.